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Circle of Influence: Elevating Your Life with Positive Connections

You've likely heard the adage that you become the average of the five individuals you spend the most time with.
Our Studios Full Bleed
Our Studios Full Bleed

By Liam Fox, Owner at Lindfield

You've likely heard the adage that you become the average of the five individuals you spend the most time with. It's a maxim I often reflect on, particularly when contemplating who occupies my inner circle.

How many times have you resolved to improve your diet, vowing not to indulge in sweets after dinner? I've uttered that promise to myself countless times. Yet, after a long day, you sit down to dinner, only to find your partner beside you with a bowl of your favourite treats. In that moment, your willpower is tested. Unless you possess exceptional determination and self-discipline, the temptation to indulge is difficult to resist.

Consider your "circle of influence." Do certain individuals stand out in your group? Think of it on a scale of positivity, from one to ten. Where do your closest associates fall on this scale? If they rate below a five, are they lifting you up or dragging you down? Is their negativity impacting your own outlook? Sometimes, it's necessary to take stock of those we allow into our lives. After all, nobody wants weeds in their garden of roses!

People often wonder why a partner might encourage unhealthy habits, especially when their significant other is striving for a healthier lifestyle. I believe it boils down to emotions—love, fear, or guilt.

When one partner seeks to better themselves, the other may either support them or succumb to fear of losing them, especially if they aren't on a similar path of self-improvement. In such cases, they might feel compelled to persuade you to indulge, fearing a growing rift in the relationship.

Imagine if you dedicated two hours every day, seven days a week, to exercise. That's commendable, but it still represents only four percent of your life. Research suggests that weight loss is 70% dependent on dietary habits, leaving just 30% for exercise. It's what you do outside the gym that truly shapes your results. Thus, it's crucial that you and those around you align on your goals and influences.

Studies have shown that poor eating habits often stem from social circles. This reinforces the notion that we are deeply influenced by the company we keep. Consider shows like "The Biggest Loser," where contestants' lives prior to the show reveal the profound impact of their social environments. Inside the house, surrounded by like-minded individuals, they experience visible transformations. With positive influences and supportive trainers, they thrive. However, upon returning home, many revert to old habits, emphasising the importance of maintaining positive circles of influence throughout one's health journey.

Positive energy breeds success. Surrounding yourself with motivated, inspiring individuals can significantly enhance your life. Conversely, spending time with those who lack passion and drive can drain your own enthusiasm. This principle extends beyond health to various aspects of life.

In the end, it's challenging to achieve greatness when surrounded by mediocrity. Choose your circle wisely.

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