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Can I still enjoy my daily coffee and lose weight?

So, you're one of the many people that call it the morning norm to wake up and grab a coffee before starting your day.

By Chris Jovcevski, Owner at Bangor

You're a Caffeinista! You can talk about the way a coffee should taste, you know what you like through experience, you know exactly the type of establishment that you would find your right choice of coffee, having one starts your day off with feeling loved and wanted and you can more than likely tell when your normal barista is away sick, as your coffee wasn't made with the same love that day!

In health and fitness, coffee is often a hot topic of discussion. Are coffee drinkers at a disadvantage? Can we still achieve our health and fitness desires, with our golden cup of goodness a few times a day? There are some definite negatives of certain types of coffee, partnered by some positives as well.

In regards to a shape change and fitness goals, there are some coffee types that flirt well with our taste-buds however will have an adverse effect on our goal. Reasons being that the caffeine ingredient is partnered by other things such as sugar, milk, chocolate, biscuits and the occasional marshmallow. When trying to lose weight, the types of café coffees you should keep to a minimum are: Cappuccino, Mocha, Café latte, Coffee with added syrups and Affogato. These coffee's generally have a high sugar content as well as fat content if ordered on full cream milk. Great alternatives are: Macchiato, Long Black, Short Black, Piccolo,  Latte,  Espresso, and Turkish Coffee.

These coffees are mainly water and are a better/lower calorie choice. Caffeine is a stimulant. It can have a positive effect on your body's ability to burn energy. By having your daily caffeine fix, your body can burn more calories as long as it's partnered with a balanced diet and exercise. Enjoy! 

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