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Are you a COVID lockdown Victor or Victim?

Here we are again… Lockdown!
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Luke Sullivan at Prahran

Here we are again… Lockdown!

I am as disappointed as the next person that we are returning to this but at the end of the day, "It is what it is" and we must get on with it.

It is my belief there are two ways to get through this six-week period. One way is easy, requires no discipline and is guaranteed to leave you feeling angry, depressed and in a worse position with your physical and mental health. The other way, guaranteed to have you coming out of lockdown Fit, Healthy and Happy: requires discipline, an open mindset and for you to be solution focused! There is a line, and we must play above it.


Playing below the line

This is what we call the Victim mentality. When we are playing below the line; we Blame others, we make Excuses and we live in Denial of what is happening around us. During this pandemic and the ensuing return to lockdown it easy to blame the government, blame fellow Victorians and blame "that guy who ate a bat" but what does that solve? And will blaming others keep us on track to achieving our own personal goals? Playing below the line also leads us to make excuses to why we cannot achieve our desired Health and Fitness. How many times have you made an excuse as to why you cannot go for that Walk or Run? "It's too cold outside, I'll do it later." Or an excuse to why you cannot cook a healthy meal? "It'll take too long; I'll just order Uber Eats." And the excuse as to why you cannot continue to train during lockdown? "The gym is closed so I can't exercise." Lastly the excuse as to why you are drinking more during Covid-19, "Drinking alcohol is my stress relief." Until you let go of your excuses, your desired results will not happen.


Playing above the line

During this lockdown period we need to take Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility for ourselves and our actions! We have full control of our mindset, our thoughts, feelings and our outlook on what is possible. Let us look at taking Ownership; when you take full ownership of your health and fitness you are in complete control of the outcome. Taking Ownership could look like "Even though it's cold outside, I know how great I feel after going for a Run so I'm going to do it!" "Yes, my Gym is closed but my Trainer is doing Online PT Sessions which will keep me motivated and on track to my goals!" "I had a couple of drinks last night so I'm going to go for a big walk this morning to burn off that excess energy." Who/ What is going to keep you Accountable? In my experience Accountability is the number one reason why a client will engage the services of a PT. We are here for you; we are here to keep you accountable to what you say you are going to do and ensure you keep moving forward to where you want to be. Do you need accountability with your Nutrition? Make sure you fill out your Food Diary and share it with your Trainer. Do you need accountability with your Exercise? Book in your Online PT sessions with your Trainer, take a selfie when you are out for a walk and track your run on Strava. Lastly, remember that no one else is responsible for your health and your body, except for you. If you don't take personal responsibility for looking after your health and wellbeing, here is a very frightening, but real possibility... the results you get in your health may make someone else happy, (Your drinking buddies and your non health conscious friends) but not you!

Become a Victor, not a Victim. There is a line and we must play above it!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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