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A Dieting Disaster

There are many theories surrounding nutrition and more specifically dieting. Let the experts at Vision PT give you the truth and nothing but the truth
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Ryan Bartlett at Surrey Hills

OK, so let's define the term "diet".


This simple word is used to describe everything you eat and drink.


However, over time, the term "diet" has come to symbolise a multi-million dollar industry aimed at a quick fix, helping us achieve the body of our dreams.


How successful are these diets?


A series of researchers at the UCLA looked at a number of diet methods and discovered that most dieters gained back almost ALL their weight after any initial success. The general consensus from most scientific researchers conclude that the % of diets that fail range from 80-95%


We have been lured over and over again with Diet books, low-calorie, fat-free, and sugar-free foods, juice diets, cleanses and detoxes, with the promises of fast and easy weight loss, only to regain the weight lost, and some!


Which brings me to the question: Why do so many people exercise regularly, follow the latest overnight diet, but still rarely seem to achieve their desired goals of achieving a better body shape?


The answer is simple. You need a plan. And the truth is that if your plan is not sustainable for the long term, it's not worth following



Now, why do you need a plan?



1. YOU are influenced by YOUR emotions and immediate circle of influence.


2. YOU don't know what to do, how to do it or when to do it.


3. YOU eat the wrong foods at the wrong time of day.


4. YOUR exercise and nutrition requirements have not been determined based on YOUR specific body shape goal, YOUR body type or YOUR lifestyle.


So, where do you begin?


1. You need a Vision. A Clear Goal, with detailed description about exactly what it is you want to achieve and when.


2. You need to understand WHY this is important to you. Until you open the inner doorway to self-reflection and become truly honest about your current state, you are unable to develop real intrinsic motivation or cultivate the necessary habits for success.


The process of changing your lifestyle is simple (in theory) but can be extremely difficult if you are not ready to make long lasting change. You need to take MASSIVE action and BELIEVE you are on the path to success.


3. Once you are ready, you need the plan. The plan is your roadmap to success. Step by step, laid out in front of you. With the end in mind you can now chunk it back from Yearly Goals > Biannual > 3 Month > Weekly > Daily actions steps. Now it's not so scary and you can take action today to get you closer to your final destination.


4. You need to be held accountable. Excuses sound beautiful to the person that is saying them, and slowly but surely we end up in the world of the Victim. We lay blame, make excuses and live in denial about our current situation and how it's all too hard for poor little me. The road is long and hard and times do get tough. Our emotions play tricks on us and the conversations we have with ourselves can slowly sabotage all our hard work.


You need coaching, guidance and support to help you through the tough times, reminding you that we are all empowered to make decisions in our own lives and we must take ownership and responsibility for our actions.



At Vision Personal Training Surrey Hills we offer the last program you will ever need. We are not your average gym. We get real people real results and believe in empowering you to create a long-term lifestyle. And by the way it comes with a money back guarantee!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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