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5 Ways to Maximise Results as an Office Worker

In this Vision Personal Training article we discuss five ways to maximise your results as an office worker. Click here to read more.
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Weight Loss Articles

By Ben Kayser at Drummoyne

Office workers find it difficult to make the most of their training and lifestyle changes because there is no physical activity throughout the day due to their long hours in office. Generally, 8-12 hours are taken in a day with work then no activity usually happens to and from work when commuting. Also, there is no time outside of this because the workplace might be far from home travel takes time.

These are my top five tips on making the most out of your lifestyle changes when working in an office.

  • Nutrition needs to be spot on these days -there is no margin for error when it comes to days in the office within your macros. Ensure you're prepared ahead for the day with foods that will keep you full but are not calorie dense. Good examples are cruciferous and fibre filled veggies like broccoli, Kale and Cauliflower plus lean protein like chicken or white fish.


  • Take advantage and have an accelerator day. These are days with 30g of carbs or less so that your body goes into ketosis. Simply ketosis is the process of using fat for energy. These days allows us not to overfill our carb tank causing the storage of fat, especially on days that you know you may not be exercising as much due to work!


  • Ensure the office environment is conducive for healthy eating. Have items such as a fruit bowl close by rather than lollies. A fridge and draw packed with healthy snacks rather than junk foods as a pick me up. I like to think of it as "if I wouldn't have it in my cupboard at home I shouldn't have it in my drawer at work". Also have the initiative to order healthy food at lunches or morning teas. Let people know about your goals and what you are trying to achieve so that you can make informed decisions and don't have people hassling you.


  • Find a way to move more! Its simple use the time you have during the day. Utilise your lunch break. Maybe cycle to work instead of catching the bus or train. Find a place closer to your workplace to work out. Most offices in the city these days have a gym downstairs in the block or around the corner, make use of these opportunities'. Also, the use of a standing desk will help too. Most offices these days try to use standing desks. Lastly make a concerted effort to use the stairs or get off a stop earlier or park a little further away from work and walk!


  • Track it all, not just your macros, but your exercise to. Using a Fitbit, Garmin or apple watch will show you your exact levels of activity. The goal is to average 10,000 a day, but you can get away with averaging 70,000 for the week, especially if you are doing more on the weekends. Either way, what you measure, you can manage and you'll know what you're on track for!


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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