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5 steps to better sleep

Sleep is seen as the last "must do" of the day., but it is the most important. In this Vision PT article we share our five steps to better sleep.
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Weight Loss Articles

By Monique Murray at Bundall

Sleep is seen as the last "must do" of the day.

We often hear ourselves think "I MUST go to sleep now" as if it is a chore and not something we look forward to. We are all aware there are not enough hours in the day and this attitude results in crashing our head on the pillow and within seconds being out like a light.

There are also many factors that can effect one's sleep which include, stress, work, family responsibilities and even illness. It is important for us to understand that most of these factors cannot be controlled and we will continue to live a life of interference. These 6 steps will help form a healthier habit when it comes to your biggest recovery opportunity of the day.


Stick to a sleep schedule - A healthy amount of sleep for an adult is between 7-8 hours each night. Most of us find it very difficult to achieve this especially with nightly distractions. We spend hours online, watching Netflix or even stuck on business emails. To get around forming a better habit a tip is to set alarms and stick to it the best you can. Set yourself a sleep goal using your phone alarm or smartwatch and when it is almost time for bed the device will let you know. If you head to bed and you are too energised and can't sleep, find a way to relax by reading or listening to soothing music to calm down the body.

Focus on what you eat and drink - Be careful with the meals you select to consume at night. Heavy or hard to digest food may keep you up. Alcohol makes you feel sleepy at the time you drink it but can disrupt sleep later in the night.

Change up your sleeping environment - Focus on the three key elements of a sleep happy room. These are cool, dark and quiet. Avoid prolonged use of light-emitting screens just before bedtime too.

Move every day - Regular physical activity can promote better sleep.

Manage your worries - Nobody wants a talkative mind when they hit the pillow. Be organised, write your to-do lists for the next day, schedule in everything and make sure you take some time to calm down from a busy day. Meditate or read to find a clearer mind.

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