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5 Golden Nuggets To Get You To Your Fat Loss Goal

Looking to lose fat sustainably? In this Vision PT article we share our five golden nuggets to help you achieve your fat loss goal more efficiently.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Alex Allegrini and Ben Kayser at Drummoyne

Our recent Seminar covered a plethora of information and we've summarised it into 5 golden nuggets - read on!

1) Increase Meal Frequency

  • Forget traditional eating times - make it meal 1-6
  • The more times you eat, the higher the thermic effect of food (the energy it costs to chew, digest, heat up, release hormones etc. - approximately 15% of your daily energy use)
  • The happier your body is (because it's not waiting long periods of time to eat), the more energy it will use and make readily available for burning (rather than hording it because it doesn't know if it's going to be fed in the next few hours) 
  • A couple of easy options are to split meals in half, bucket eat, have a shake in the evening or keep the ingredients at work!


  • Alcohol is a toxin/poison and is immediately metabolised first - meaning and carbs and fat are stored
  • The best option is always to limit it (not a bad idea to have 9 weeks off before party season!)
  • Drink spirits with diet mixers to cut any unnecessary calories from sugar and carbs
  • Add 10 minutes per drink of moderate cardio to your total weekly cardio target to offset the extra calories


  • Plateau generally after 4 weeks 
  • Time of normal exercise - AM vs PM - can be enough to shock the system into change!
  • Types of exercise - walk/run/cycle/swim/more weights
  • Types of food
  • Do more! Even if it's just for 9 weeks! 

Team up

  • 93% of clients say involving a friend or family member was crucial to their success
  • 3 hours a week in the studio is a lot, but the other 98% of the week is spent out in your world, so whoever it is that you spend time with needs to be pushing you closer to your goal, not pulling you away from it.
  • Simply put, you are the average of the 5 closest people to you in terms of behaviour - whether that be health, education, wealth, relationships etc. - Hang around healthy people!
  • Bring them along! We allow members to bring a long a friend or family member to our tours/seminars/group classes/fast tracking. We know by helping them we're helping you!


  • The 80/20 Rule - you'll get 80% of your results from 20% of your activities. This has easily the most impact on any program. There are lots of tools on VVT but if you used nothing else, the Food Diary is everything!
  • Save daily meals and plans + use the drag and drop feature to save yourself time (the number one reason people won't track their food is the inconvenience and time factor)
  • Use the website for planning as its easier. Use the app more for on the go - don't use it as a diary! If you're filling it in at the end of the day it's likely that you'll miss your targets whereas if you're looking forward to the day ahead you can ensure that your macros align with your goals!

Our team of expert Health and Fitness coaches help people along their journey every single day with information just like this. If you'd like to have access to that help - contact us! 



*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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