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5 Easy Tips To Creating A Healthier Lifestyle

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Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Phil Jackson


Sometimes our biggest hurdle to starting to achieve a healthier lifestyle is ourselves. With so much information and opinion in the world today around our health and fitness it can be very easy to become overwhelmed when thinking about starting something and much easier to say no or simply put if off again and again.

So here are 5 simple tips towards achieving a healthier lifestyle for yourself long term.

1. Set small achievable goals: By setting small achievable and realistic goals it will give you that reason and motivation to start making better conscious decisions and not make you feel overwhelmed that you won't be able to achieve it.

2. Exercise more days than you don't: Look at your 7-day week and fit some structured exercise in for at least 4 days in your week. Complete that exercise on the same days every week to create the habit; it doesn't have to be anything extreme it could be as simple as a walk outside.

3. Track or write down what you eat: By completing this process of writing down your food you will immediately make better conscious decisions as you will become aware of what is actually going in and start to understand how much energy you are eating.

4. Get your partner or friend on board: Your circle of influence of friends and family are so important to creating a healthier lifestyle because whatever bad habits they might have will tend to rub off on you. Getting them on board with your new lifestyle will greatly help your success.

5. Don't be so hard on yourself: This is the most important tip as we are all human and everybody will have a slip up at some point. So understanding that you don't have to be a saint every day and that one bad meal isn't going to ruin your day. One bad day isn't going to ruin your week as well, so the key is to make small changes long term that become great healthy habits.

 At the end of the day the only way to create a healthier lifestyle is to start, so no matter what positive change you are making in your life it will all count towards creating a better version of yourself.


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