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10 Common Signs You May Not Be Getting Enough Protein!

Do you get enough protein in your diet? In this Vision PT article we discuss the 10 commons signs you may not be getting enough protein. Read more.
Weight Loss Articles
Weight Loss Articles

By Bradley Brandl at Drummoyne

1) You aren't making any progress in the gym.

Without the adequate amount of protein, it doesn't matter how many reps you do or the weight you lift. Your body simply won't be able to build and maintain lean muscle mass. When low on protein your body will start to break down muscle tissue to get what it needs.

2) When you struggle mid workout.

When your muscles don't have fuel, neither do you! Protein plays a critical role in how you absorb other nutrients, like iron and calcium. When your nutrients are running low your stamina will be low, like running on an empty fuel tank.

3) You feel sick a lot.

Protein plays a vital role in your immune system, if you are not consuming enough protein you will become ill quite often.

4) Insomnia kicks in.

Stress won't be the only thing keeping you awake if your protein intake is low, if your body is hungry it won't want to sleep. Protein before bedtime can help you sleep happy!

5) Your mood is affected.

Irritability is a sign of low protein levels, caused from spikes and drops in insulin levels. Protein will help mitigate the effect of carbohydrates and other foods helping control your digestion.

6) You keep getting injured.

When your lacking protein your body has a hard time absorbing calcium causing your bones and tendons to become weak and vulnerable to injury!

7) You heal and recover slowly.

Low protein can affect how quickly your body heals from a cut or bruise. The injury will stick around longer if there isn't enough tissue rebuilding material present to build new cells.

8) Your hair and skin are suffering.

Sudden hair loss can be caused by a lack of protein, protein aids in new cell production. Low protein can also lead to dry skin or weak nails.

9) Your craving cookies.

Carbohydrates on their own won't be able to satisfy you, you need protein to feel full. Your brain will start to crave all the bad for you foods! (Sugar)

10) You have a hard time focusing.

Protein can be food for thought! Without protein the neurotransmitters in your brain can't function properly, which means you will have a hard time concentrating and you will be easily distracted.


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