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Your Festive Season Survival Guide

Survive the festive season guilt free. In this Vision PT article we share our festive season survival guide to keep you on track and achieving results
Health & Nutrition Articles
Health & Nutrition Articles

By Benjamin Moody at Caringbah


The festive season is a wonderful time of year. It is an amazing opportunity for fun, laughs and spending time with friends and family. However, the festive season can also be an extremely detrimental time for many people's health and fitness goals. Pressure from peers and social events, accompanied by the temptation of a range of treats, may make it difficult for you to stay on track with your goals. Here are our top tips for navigating the festive season:


  • Your Circle of Influence

The people you surround yourself with have a huge impact on your goals and can set you up for incredible success or disappointment. Over the festive season, surround yourself with friends, family or a fitness professional that understands and supports your goals. They will help keep you accountable, focused and on-track to your goal.


  • Stay Active

The end of year is a very busy time, but it is important to work physical activity into your schedule wherever possible.

  • Go for a swim at the beach
  • Play outdoors with the kids
  • Take the dog for a run at the park
  • Or simply go for a walk.

All contribute to your overall physical activity without sacrificing time spent with loved ones.


  • Preparation is Key

Planning what, when and how much you will eat, prior to social events is essential to remaining consistent and in control at all times. Focus on making better choices, try replacing the cookies, chocolate and pudding with whole foods like fruits and whole grains. Instead of loading up on "empty calories" from refined sugars, aim to consume plenty of high-fibre foods that will keep you feeling full, provide essential vitamins, nutrients, and vitamins as well as promote balanced blood sugar levels and good digestion.


  • Remember to Enjoy Yourself

"It's the season to be Jolly!" so don't forget it! Focus on making better choices and monitoring your portion sizes instead of cutting out foods that you enjoy. Your mentality is one of the biggest factors to any goal, so it is also important not to become obsessive. Stay focused, but remember to appreciate and enjoy each and every day!



*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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