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Value you Health!

We know how important our health is, particularly as we get older. Let Vision PT show you how and why you should be valuing your health today!
Health & Nutrition Articles
Health & Nutrition Articles

By Leah McCallum at Wahroonga

Value you Health! 

How come some people can stick to a meal plan and training routine day in day out and some people can't? How does it happen? Why does it happen?

Decisions made on emotions are unlikely to be great decisions as your emotions are fleeting and sometimes uncontrollable.  For example, "I would be happier if I was thinner, I should go to the gym" This is coming from a low mood and emotion and whilst it might be a priority in that moment it will be replaced by another emotion soon enough.  For example, "I should go to the gym because I feel down and I want to be thinner but I am tired and it's late and I will start tomorrow and so as my "last cheat meal" I will order a pizza".

Decisions made based on your values are more likely to be long term and offer far more fulfilling experiences. For example - "I value my health". This is not tangible, it is controlled and sustainable.

It's requires work every day and offers continual gratification, it is rewarding and it shows self respect.

People who make their health a value and priority don't need inspiration or motivation because they embrace their health as a non negotiable value it is not an option to them to put it off, do it tomorrow, it is something that is for them a daily task as simple as brushing their teeth.

But this way, temptation or the fear of missing out or saying "no" to things and turning up every single day is in line with their value. "I value my health" therefore I will nourish it with good food, I will get adequate sleep, I will meet my daily exercise routines / goals etc.

Each day their decisions are made in line with this, regardless of their mood. Rejecting other things leaves time to stick to their values. Just like you choose not to have toxic people in your life you choose to stick with your values of health to add to your life.

A lot of people start their fitness journey very emotional, un motivated, lost, depressed, and they have this image in their head of what they want to look like and how they will feel. They want you to tell them what you as a trainer can do for them... But really you the client need to do just as much. I can give you all the tools of the trade, I can guide you with nutrition and exercise, I can keep you accountable to your goals... but what if I made you ask yourself this... Are you aware of what it takes to look this particular way? It's a really tough question because let's face it a lot of people want to look a certain way but have zero knowledge of the time and consistency involved to achieve it.  Are you prepared to put in the time and money? Are you prepared to completely change the way you eat? Stop drinking alcohol? Say no to some social events and friends parties etc? And be happy about it?

If you don't jump up out of your seat and say "yes I am" then you do not really want it enough. Wanting to be something is not enough, you really need to love every step of it, love it enough to make sacrifices along the way. Not in a way that you ate a pizza last night so you need to work it off in the gym the next day - not inflicting exercise as punishment of what you ate. Embracing exercise as a great release of endorphins, a way to reduce stress, find exercises you love to do and do them. Embrace the journey - it will be tough and there will be speed bumps along the way but nothing comes easy - there are no shortcuts and tell yourself it will be worth it in the end. You/ We will be changing your life for the better - for the future - and that is priceless.

Everyone can change and alter their values with some soul searching to what's really important. Strip the layers back and ask the tough questions.  Do you want to get healthy because you have a distorted view that tells you looking a certain way will make you happy? Or do you simply value your health and longevity?

Make it a value and commit to it, then day by day the action will continue to inspire you and motivate you along your journey!


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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