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Top 5 Benefits to Having Protein in your Diet

In this article, we share the advantages to including protein in your diet.

By Austin Lawson, Personal Trainer at Prahran

  1. Growth and repair of muscles. Protein is the building blocks for our body so that we can not only repair the broken tissue after training but also grow our muscles.
  2. Controls appetite. Protein is satiating, it keeps you fuller for long. It allows your body to be satisfied with the meal and not feeling hunger, which could in turn lead to eating more food that isn’t necessarily needed.
  3. Improves metabolism. Protein has a higher thermic effect, it takes a lot of energy to breakdown in turn improving your metabolism. 
  4. Decrease chance of getting sick. Antibodies and enzymes need protein to work, if you have more protein in your body to create these antibodies it makes sure you don’t get as sick, boosting your immune functions. 
  5. Improved recovery. As it repairs your muscles it decreases your soreness, so if you have enough protein in your day you will be ready to train again effectively.

Adding or even increasing the amount of protein in your diet gives you all these benefits while having a healthy balanced diet.

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