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The Ready, Set, Go Principle: Your Path to Health and Fitness Success

Setting off on a journey towards improving your health and fitness is a decision that will transform your life in remarkable ways, I guarantee it!

By Luke Sullivan, Personal Trainer at Prahran

Setting off on a journey towards improving your health and fitness is a decision that will transform your life in remarkable ways, I guarantee it! While the guidance of a personal trainer can be invaluable, the ultimate responsibility for change lies within you. The Ready, Set, Go principle encapsulates this journey, highlighting the crucial role you play in your own transformation.

1. Ready: Make the Decision to Change

The first step in the Ready, Set, Go principle is 'Ready.' This is all about you! No personal trainer, nutrition plan, or fitness program from the internet can make a lasting impact if you are not genuinely ready to change. It begins with a self-examining look at your current lifestyle and an honest evaluation of your goals.

Ask yourself questions like: Do I want to improve my health? Am I ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle? What are my motivations for wanting to change? Understanding your personal drivers and commitment is essential to taking the lead of your journey. While personal trainers can provide motivation, knowledge, and support, they cannot place the desire to change within you. That spark must come from your own determination and readiness to embrace a healthier future.

2. Set: The Planning and Education Phase

Once you have made the conscious decision to change, it is time to move on to the 'Set' phase. This is where we as Personal Trainers can now help. We can assist you navigate the often-confusing world of nutrition and training.

During this phase, we will collaborate with you to set clear and achievable goals. We will assess where you are currently with your health and fitness, discuss your barriers and help you tailor a personalised Nutrition and Training plan that meet your needs and what direction you want your health and fitness journey to go.

3. Go: “Action is the Foundation key to all success!”

With our guidance and a well-designed plan ready, it is time for action—enter the 'Go' phase. This is where the rubber meets the road, and your commitment to change is put into practice.

In the 'Go' phase, you will start implementing your nutrition and training plan. Consistency is key. Stick to your training schedule, follow your macronutrients, and be prepared to adjust along the way. We will be there to support you, monitor your progress, and make necessary modifications to keep you on track.

The 'Go' phase can be challenging, and setbacks will occur, it is inevitable! However, it is essential to remember why you started this journey. Celebrate your wins and successes, no matter how small they may seem. Learn from your setbacks and most importantly ENJOY THE JOURNEY! “It’s not what you get, but who you become.”

The Ready, Set, Go principle is a powerful framework for achieving success you are your health and fitness. It highlights that true change begins with YOU and your readiness to embrace a healthier lifestyle. While we can guide and educate you, the decision to change and the commitment to follow through rest with you. So, are you ready to take that first step?

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