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The Other Benefits Of Going Dry This July

Let Vision PT show you the added benefits of going alcohol-free this July and how it will also assist your health and fitness goals.
Health & Nutrition Articles
Health & Nutrition Articles

By Louise Barter


So, you're over three quarters of the way through, with just 10 days left, the end is in sight. You're feeling good, looking good and chances are the scales have started to shift the other way. But have you noticed any of the smaller changes that giving up the booze can bring?

Better Sleep

This is something we can ALL benefit from. Whilst the booze may help you snooze, it won't be restful sleep as it reduces REM (rapid eye movement, not the band). REM happens about 90 minutes after you fall asleep and is known to be the restorative stage of sleep. Disruptions in REM lead to daytime drowsiness and poor concentration throughout your day. 

Fresher, younger looking skin

Alcohol dehydrates you, this includes your skin. Ever woken up after a few too many red wines and noticed wrinkles that are more pronounced than they were before? That's your skin telling you it's dehydrated.

Stronger Enamel

Alcohol is extremely acidic which softens the enamel on your teeth. Doing Dry July and increasing your water intake will help to keep your enamel strong, leading to reduced teeth sensitivity and potential pain. 

Goodbye Plaque

One of the forgotten side effects of alcohol is dehydration, which in turn leads a lack of salvia making your mouth a breeding ground for bacteria that clings to enamel forming plaque which can lead to tooth decay.

A Winning Smile

It's well known that red wine and dark liquors can stain your teeth. If/when you do decide to drink again, stick to white and clear spirits as they're less likely to taint your teeth.

Fresh Breath

Alcohol is a diuretic which means your body passes more water leaving you dehydrated. A dehydrated mouth is smelly bacteria's favourite place to hang out causing plaque build up and eventually bad breath.

Mental Health

Mental health affects 1 in 3 Australians. Whilst this isn't all down to booze, alcohol abuse and the use of alcohol to help ease the symptoms has a huge impact on your mental health. As well as the physical benefits of cutting back on the booze, reducing your intake or stopping it all together will help with your overall wellness. Vision are proudly supporting Beyondblue, go to for more information.



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