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The Covert Career Killer

We cannot neglect how health and wellness plays a vital role in building a successful career.
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Expert Articles MultiColumn 3

By Mandra Taulu, Director at Wynyard

When contemplating health and fitness achievements, we frequently prioritise indicators such as decreased body weight, enhanced strength, and improved fitness as pivotal markers of success. Undoubtedly, these are commendable measures of health progress and desirable outcomes.

Nevertheless, we often underestimate less conspicuous aspects of health and wellness that might wield an even more significant impact on overall life expectancy—the ultimate gauge of health success. These less apparent factors encompass our adeptness at stress management, the quality of our sleep, the resilience of our body's immune system, and the clarity of our thinking. It is worth noting that these elements not only contribute to an extended lifespan but also play a role in achieving success in one's career!

Although an individual abilities, skills, and qualifications are the primary factors influencing career success, we cannot neglect how health and wellness plays a vital role in building a successful career.  

As the famous saying from Peter Drucker goes “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”. We gauge our fitness progress through measurements in volume, speed, and duration. Similarly, we assess our strength by monitoring progressive overload, while our body composition is managed by tracking weight, clothing size, and body fat percentage. In the realm of career progression, we measure responsibilities, salary, skill development, and performance reviews. Turning attention to our health, the question arises: How do we measure the performance of our well-being, and how does this connect to our career health? One paramount performance indicator takes precedence: VISCERAL FAT. 

Visceral fat is the fat that accumulates around internal organs, such as the liver, pancreas, and intestines. Elevated levels of visceral fat have the potential to exert an indirect influence on career success. While it's not visible from the outside, the accumulation of excess visceral fat is intricately linked to health concerns, particularly an increased susceptibility to cardiovascular diseases and a notable decline in energy levels. These health challenges, in turn, have the potential to impede job performance and hinder overall productivity in a professional setting.  

Here are some key points on how high levels of visceral fat can impact career success: 

  1. Health-Related Performance Challenges: 

  • Excess visceral fat is associated with health issues such as cardiovascular disease and reduced energy levels. 

  • Individuals with health challenges may experience difficulties in sustaining optimal job performance, leading to potential setbacks in career advancement. 

  1. Decreased Stamina and Productivity: 

  • High levels of visceral fat can contribute to feelings of fatigue and decreased stamina. 

  • Reduced energy levels may result in lower productivity, impacting the ability to handle job responsibilities effectively. 

  1. Increased Absenteeism: 

  • Health complications related to excess visceral fat may lead to increased absenteeism. 

  • Frequent absences from work can disrupt workflow, project timelines, and teamwork, potentially hindering career progression. 

  1. Impact on Mental Well-being: 

  • Individuals with high levels of visceral fat may experience stress and anxiety related to health concerns. 

  • Mental health challenges can influence concentration, decision-making, and overall well-being, all of which are crucial for career success. 

  1. Societal Bias and Professional Opportunities: 

  • Societal biases related to physical appearance may come into play in professional settings. 

  • Individuals perceived as less healthy due to excess visceral fat may face unconscious biases, potentially affecting opportunities for career advancement. 

So how do we measure visceral fat? 

At Vision we can provide a complete health check in under 60 seconds. The Vision Bioscan measures body weight fat mass, muscle mass, and visceral fat. The scan is non-invasive, shoes and socks simply need to be removed, and results are debriefed with one of our Personal Trainers who has the knowledge to provide expert guidance and advice. We have worked with many individuals and organisations in helping reduce the impacts of high visceral fat so that workplace performance is improved, and life is lived to its full potential. 

If you are interested in a complimentary scan either for yourself or your team feel free to contact me on 0432 633 932 for more information! 

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