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Stress & Sleep

How they can impact achieving your goals.

By Austin Lawson, Personal Trainer at Prahran

Sleep deprivation can affect your fat loss journey heavily through multiple ways Here are a couple:

If you are tired throughout the day you are more likely to look to snacks to pick you up out of your tiredness.

Another affect coming from tiredness is your willingness to train, who once in their life hasn’t trained because they are tired? And who has trained when they have low energy? This becomes a massive difference in outcomes and the ability to push yourself to reap the rewards.

This shows you should get 7-8 hours of sleep per night so that all of these don’t affect you in achieving your goals and yes that may mean going to bed earlier.

Stress can also affect how you lose fat mass, as it can intensify your hunger and cravings throughout the day then going over on your macros. It also makes it hard to keep your goals at front of mind, as when you are stress you have 100’s of other thoughts going on and your target fat loss goal goes out the window.

As much as physical exercise is needed, mental health is important to take care of as well. Whatever it is to look after yourself read a book, write, go for a walk or anything else that can help you relax and relief stress to in the long run help you achieve your goals.

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