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Solve your work related migraines and neck pain with these three tips!

In this article, we share out three top tips to minimising migraines and neck pain at work.

By Jack Smith, Owner at Bundall

Are you one of the many people who spend far too long hunched at an office desk over a computer - who then comes home to a stiff and sore neck, which leads to migraines? This is the plight for those of us who then carry this pain into other areas of their life where sleep, exercise and mood are all affected purely from the pain of just going to work every single day.

The solution seems simple, just quit your office job and the pain will go away! But the reality is for most of us, we can't simply just stop going to work every single day. So we need to find a better solution! Luckily for us, there are three simple tricks that will help melt the neck pain away for good (if you maintain them of course). 

  1. Spiky ball, stretch and get massage. Regular treatment (self or from a therapist) will act to slowly loosen over time the tight upper back and neck muscles. Even spending as little as 5 minutes per day stretching or spiky balling your upper back will get some great relief.
  2. Strengthen your back with pull and row resistance exercises. When sitting at the computer for hours on end, our chest muscles get tight which rolls our shoulders forward and leads to this hunched position which can actually then become our normal posture. Working on resistance training exercises that strengthen and mobilise the back muscles will keep the shoulders pulled back and resist against the hunch forming. Working with a trainer at Vision, one of the most common issues to work on in PT is these upper back exercises to fix exactly that.
  3. Fix your work station. You are in this position for 8 hrs per day! Prioritise fixing the setup of your desk/workstation by adding a standing desk, adjusting the height of your chair, having a foot rest etc. All these small adjustments can help to make the day more comfortable. 

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