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Protein for Vegans!

Vision PT knows people following vegan diets often struggle to hit their protein targets. Here's how you can make sure you are never falling short.
Health & Nutrition Articles
Health & Nutrition Articles

By Amber Bock at Templestowe

You're Vegan ?

But, how do you get protein?

When you hear the word vegan the first thing that may come to mind is a skinny, iron deficient, animal loving, kombucha drinking hippy who doesn't get enough protein. I may or may not fit some of these clichés, but what I can tell you is that I am very conscious about my protein source. Simply, my long-term goal of being a 70-year-old who still climbs mountains begins with the foods that I put in my body. Longevity of health comes from the inside.

Similar to any functioning human, I need to incorporate protein into each meal. This is integral for muscle repair and satiety- the feeling of being satisfied (boy, am I sad and hungry when there is only a green salad on the menu!).

I follow a Just Eat Real Foods rule, so I avoid fake meats and in general packaged/processed foods as much a possible. Because this is what makes me FEEL good! I can boast that I have not had Lord of the Fries since being vegan.

A quick list of my go to protein sources:

  • Tempeh and Tofu - both made from soy beans they can leave you a little gassy. I prefer tempeh over tofu for this reason, also tempeh has a better texture.
  • Seeds and nuts - buckwheat, pepitas, almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds and peanut butter are the best to chose from. These also become my healthy fats if I have them as a snack.
  • Milk alternatives! THERE ARE SOOO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM - try them all till you are satisfied! My go to are Like Milk from Coles or Aldi and Vitasoy Soy Milk Plus from Woolworths or Coles
  • Bakers Life, High Protein, Low Carb Bread - you can find this bad boy only from Aldi stores. BUT it is a life saver when I do not have access to a kitchen.
  • Chickpeas - be warned Chickpeas are high carb, so I have them only after High Intensity Workouts to aid for muscle glycogen regulation.
  • Plain Pea Protein or Hemp Seed Protein without additives (you can get this from any Source Bulk Shop, Terra Madre or the Health section of Woolworth or Coles).
  • Protein Bliss Balls - I make these in my magical Thermo-mixer that perfectly blends nuts, a lot of cocoa powder, protein powder of choice, and a tiny tiny bit of gogi berries or dates into a crumbly mixture that I then make into bite sized snacks.

Regardless of being plant-based or meat eater, you need to have a range of food in you daily diet. This is so you are getting a range of micro-nutrients, not just nailing your protein macro. The best advice I can give is if you want to avoid demolishing half a loaf of bread each day or the run-down vegan vibes, then find a protein source that works for you and build your meals around it. Aim for 30g of protein for each meal!

Keep an eye on this space for vegan recipes and what I eat before and during race events!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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