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Nutrition FAQs

Frequently asked Questions we get as Trainers: Nutrition addition
Health & Nutrition Articles
Health & Nutrition Articles

By Drew Robinson at Prahran

Frequently asked Questions we get as Trainers: Nutrition addition

Should I cut out wheat and diary from my diet?

The question we will give back to you if you ask this question is. 'Do you have and intolerance to wheat or gluten?' If the answer to this is no, then the answer to your question is NO!

What about intermittent fasting? Have you heard of the Keto diet?

This is a big one at the moment. Intermittent fasting and keto are just other forms of calorie restricting diets. You will not burn anymore fat from doing them compared to a normal calorie deficit plan. Waking up and having breakfast is not going to make you fatter than if you waited till 1pm to start eating. You are just restricting the times you eat (intermittent fasting) or changing carbs for increased proteins and fats (Keto). For more on intermittent fasting side effects click here. 

I should stop having sweat things, shouldn't I?

Short answer No. With my clients that have sweet tooth I try and work something they enjoy into their food plan as this will help keep them on track. By eliminating all foods like chocolate for instance this is more likely going to cause a relapse and potential binge of these and then that leads to a guilty feeling. We never want you to feel guilty about eating certain foods. That is not a sustainable plan.

Is this food plan right for me? Seems a lot!

To become overweight, we need to eat more than we move. Many people before coming to us are over eating the wrong foods which are calorie dense compared to low calorie dense foods, which are a lot healthier for us and contain vitamins and minerals are bodies need. So, when we sit down and go through foods that are healthier, we can eat more of them but their calorific value is a lot lower meaning we can eat more of them. So yes, it will seem like you are eating more but in terms of calories you are actually eating a lot less than you were before.

If I eat carbs at night will I get fat?

So, we talk about the carb tank being the amount of carbs that can be stored within out muscles and liver. So, if you have not hit your carbohydrate target for the day and it is 6pm you will not automatically store these carbs as fats just because it is night time and 6:01pm. If you still have some carbs left in your plan have them at dinner. It is when you over eat then you will put on the weight.

Does eating fat make me fat?

Eating fat does not make you fat. If you eat the right sort of fats and it isn't your only food source. Your body breaks down the fats and uses them in different ways. If you reduce your fats too much then one thing that happens is the disappearance of our libidos (sex drive). No one wants that! Also, some fats are essential for us such omega 3. Omega 3 has many good qualities like being a natural anti-inflammatory and can help make our skin and hair look good.

Is fruit bad because of all the sugar?

The sugar in fruit is fructose which no doubt you have heard in the news one time or another when fruit is good and then the next day bad. It all depends on the amount of fruit you are eating. Stone fruits and berries are great choices of fruit to eat and calorie wise are very low. Just eat in moderation and you will be fine

Should I skip a meal if I've binged?

This is a difficult one. If you are hungry eat and just make adjustments to your Marcos over the next days. If you are not hungry then don't eat. There is no need to feel guilty about a binge either. We all do it occasional, even us Trainers. Just see as something that happened and move on. Don't let it ruin the whole week. 

In all no foods are bad foods and we should never feel guilty about eating certain foods. The only foods that are bad are the ones you don't like.

Everything in moderation


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