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My Lockdown List

How to stay on track when your routine is thrown out the window.

By Jack Smith, Owner at Southport

With quickly announced snap lockdowns becoming almost a regular situation, many people’s plans are completely thrown into the air on a moment's notice. I’ve jotted a few important things to organise ASAP to help you stay on track when this happens to ensure you keep moving forward without feeling like you have lost your hard earned momentum.

  1. Organise work meetings/schedule that can move to phone/zoom or need to be held off. Build your week of work to fill these new found gaps.
  2. Check in with your team, friends and family to see if they are ok and need anything.
  3. Plan your exercise. outdoor/online PT and cardio.
  4. Plan your meals for the week. It's easy to snack on poor choices when at home and boredom kicks in.
  5. Get out in the sun for some Vitamin D. The best way to lift our mood and energy is to get in the sun! Feel the warmth on your skin and get away from the screen.
  6. Support your local takeaway cafe or restaurant. Small business need our support at this time.
  7. Quality time with your partner. Use the time at home to bring you together, a chance to connect.
  8. Read a good book. Something to help you grow and learn.
  9. Enjoy time to watch your favourite sport on TV and cheer your team to victory!

Hope this little list helps you get sorted for the lockdown, if you need some help with the exercise and nutrition, the team at the studios will be able to service your needs online and outdoors for the next few days. Just pop me a message and we can help! What’s your weekend looking like?

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