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Men - The Aging Process

As guys we have it quite simple when we compare what women go through as they age from puberty and then menopause.
Exercise Full Bleed
Exercise Full Bleed

By Andrew Robinson, Personal Trainer at Prahran

As guys we have it quite simple when we compare what women go through as they age from puberty and then menopause. Our body doesn’t change a great deal if we train regularly and eat well. But what I will talk about are the changes and a few things men are more susceptible to as we age.

1. Decrease in testosterone. When we hit 30 years old our levels drop by 1% a year (great I am down 3% already). Testosterone can have an effect on a few things throughout our body and one of the biggest is sex drive. With low levels our sex drive can drop and lead to erectile issues as well (something no man will talk about if it happens). We might also start experience hair loss and our beards won’t be as full as they once were. Another thing that can happen is a reduction in lean muscle mass. Testosterone plays a part in helping to build muscle so a reduction in this is going to affect the growth of the muscle

Ways to combat this:

  • Train regularly. Specifically lifting weights is when our body produces more testosterone to help build muscle due to the strain we have caused.
  • Good sleep has been shown to help maintain testosterone levels. When sleep deprived our levels can drop and then effect training and mood.
  • Maintain a healthy weight or lose the excess. Men who are over weight tend to lower levels than someone who isn’t.

2. Cancers (morbib I know but things we have to look out for)

  • Prostate cancer. Most common cancer in elderly men and one that both my Dad and Uncle have had. Numbers have been increasing over the last 10 years but death rate has dropped due to new techniques used. Early detection is a must for this and as we get older one where we have to go to the doctors and get done.
  • Testicular cancer – This tends to affect the younger population between 18-39. I remember shortly after university one of my classmates got diagnosed. Quite a shock when you are so young. You normally think cancers are an old person thing.
  • Bowel Cancer – The third most common cancer and effects men and women, especially those over 50. Make sure if you are above 50 you get screened for this and free kits are available to do via the post.

Always seek medical advice from a professional if any of these are affecting you.

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