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Kids in the Kitchen

Vision PT knows that getting the kids in the kitchen is a fun way to keep them entertained whilst educating them on the importance of healthy eating.
Health & Nutrition Articles
Health & Nutrition Articles

By Jo Hurst at Stanmore

Preparing food for your family doesn't need to be a complicated, time consuming disaster - these tips will help you get your food prepped easily and with help from the kids. Showing them how to cook fresh, delicious meals is one of the best ways you can help your family eat well.

1. Veggies are fun

  • Find creative ways of serving vegetables to your family.

When making mash vegies have the kids use the masher and make it a game to get them involved, shape the mash potato into an animal and make spots from peas. SPOTTY DOG

  • Add vegies to muffins, cakes and fritters - so easy to use leftovers and tasty snacks.
  • Ask the kids to choose what veggies go into their salad. Lots of variety and something new to try. Start the meal with the salad bowl on the table for them to nibble on.

2. Peeling veggies takes skill and co ordination

  • have your child peel one carrot while you do the rest for the family, they won't be able to go as quick as you but at least they are helping.

3. Desserts can be healthy

  • Berries, melons, nuts and bananas can be used to create delicious frozen icecream treats - no added sugar required.

          Freeze the fruits and then throw into the blender for quick and easy deliciousness.

4. Packed with protein

  • A scoop of protein powder or skim milk powder is an easy way to add protein to your child's daily nutrition. Add some cocoa and peanut butter or coconut and berries for a yummy afternoon snack.

5. Good start to the day

  • Ensure your children eat something substantial before school or they will be reaching for their processed snacks at recess time. Eggs, cereal, toast, muesli and yoghurt are all awesome choices - simple and easy to prepare. It is imperative they have vitamins and minerals for their growth and development as well as energy and focus to enable them to concentrate in class.


So easy to make sure everyone is eating well and making great food choices from an early age. What do you do to get your kids into great eating habits?


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