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It's not a "Diet"......It's a lifestyle.

At Vision PT, we do not believe in 'dients'. We believe in food plans that suit your lifestyle and that can be maintained and sustained for life.
Health & Nutrition Articles
Health & Nutrition Articles

By Brent Shoebridge at Macquarie Park

It's not a "Diet"…'s a Lifestyle!

There are some scary statistics out there about the success rate of diets. It's not the fact that they don't work, they definitely do! There are thousands out there that work. The scary thing is what the percentage of failure is five years post diet. It is a 95% failure rate for people five years post diet. That's scary!

I relate this to the fact that people don't get educated and learn about how they can adjust their lifestyle to get amazing and long lasting results. Making small gradual changes to their current lifestyle so that they improve their overall eating habits without the feeling of going through a huge drastic change!

Whenever people go on a diet that creates drastic unrealistic change, I would be confident to say that they all fall off the band wagon within a few weeks, maybe months if they are dedicated. You might be able to relate to this. I know I can! This only hurts our metabolism even more when we go on these restrictive diets, not to mention what it does to our confidence levels when we rebound after achieving a great result.

Take on the approach where it is going to be a permanent lifestyle change. This won't happen overnight, but I assure you it will last long term and you won't get the scary rebound that 95% of the population are getting. Little changes each week over a long period of time will create the change you desire.

A few examples like:

  • Eating more vegetables this week to increase my fibre intake
  • Monitor my daily food intake
  • Increase water intake
  • Reduce my alcohol intake from 1 bottle to half a bottle

I'm a true believer in the fact that if you can't see yourself doing what you are doing now in 6 months, 2 years or even 10 years' time, than STOP right now as you will only hurt yourself in the long term! Enjoy the process and set yourself up on a realistic plan that suits your lifestyle. This will bring AMAZING long term results!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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