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Is Your Morning Coffee Good For You?

Is coffee the first thing you grab in the morning? In this Vision PT article, we talk coffee and whether your morning coffee is good for you or not.
Health & Nutrition Articles
Health & Nutrition Articles

By Nicolas Rouco

The Benefits of Coffee for Performance and Body Composition

Being in and around the studio lately, I have caught word of many clients mentioning that they have been dropping bad habits such as consuming soft drink, sugary fruit juices and other beverages. However, among these on many occasions, is Coffee. An interesting Article was presented to me as of late on the Benefits of Coffee and how it can improve your Body Composition (body fat %). So while cutting copious amounts of Coffee out of your diet can be beneficial, having Coffee at the right times in sensible doses can boost your results at a rapid rate. Here's how:
Coffee can reduce muscle soreness and aid a faster recovery.
Studies have shown that people who train taking 5mg/kg of caffeine (which for the average person equates to about 2.5 cups of coffee) within the 48 hour time period decreased muscle soreness by almost double the effect than that of a placebo! A shot of caffeine can also motivate and energize you to get into the studio, especially if you are planning to come in more than once a day.
Coffee can Improve the Quality of your Workouts.
Coffee Influences many physiological processes including:
- the production of stimulatory hormones
- aids free fatty acids use fat for energy (see coffee and fat loss below)
- increase of calcium storage
- increases the body's pain threshold with regards to fatigue, which allows the body to push harder, for longer
Coffee can Promote a Healthier Body Composition.
When you are feeling sluggish and unmotivated to workout, Coffee can be a godsend as it boosts mood and can inspire a higher level of voluntary workload. 
Caffeine is also known to improve concentration and reaction time. When the body experiences muscular fatigue with the presence of caffeine within, Caffeine tends to block these feeling by releasing neurotransmitters for more efficient muscular contractions.
Coffee and Fat Loss.
Caffeine in most cases tends to be a key ingredient in a lot of slimming tablets. To keep it short, it helps unlock fat cells making fat more accessible for the body to burn. An espresso before cardio will help boost your fat loss, especially with cardio first thing in the morning.
The Take Away. 
Coffee is a great asset for boosting performance and improving Body Composition, so long as its not consumed daily in ridiculous amounts. What I would recommend for most clients within the studio would be to consume 1 black coffee or a single shot espresso to boost mood, performance, and altogether wellness within 30-45 minutes of cardio sessions.
Just 1 a day is all you need!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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