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Importance of Water

We know we should be drinking water throughout the day, but why? In this Vision PT article we discuss why water is so important for us to function.
Health & Nutrition Articles
Health & Nutrition Articles

By Brandon Gerial at Baulkham Hills

It is said the human body can go without food for about three weeks, but the body can only survive a few days without water. With that fact in mind, how much importance do you place on water intake compared to what you think about going into your mouth.

Why should I worry about water?

Your body is made up of 60% water, so you can imagine if you do not replenish your liquids, many of your bodily functions will be compromised. Some of these include, transporting nutrients to your cells (which may be why you feel flat), moving waste out of your body, lubricating and cushioning your joints and many other functions.

Prolonged periods of insufficient water will lead to you experiencing headaches, cloudiness in your head, darker urine and lower levels of energy as electrolytes struggle to do their job in the body

So how much do I need?

You may have heard the general rule of thumb to drink 8 cups a day however this covers both men and women, of all sizes. CSIRO dietitian Pennie Taylor, recommends 35ml per kg of bodyweight.

For example; for a person weighing 80kgs.

80 x 35 = 2,800ml = 2.8L of water

This may vary if you are an active person, are pregnant, sweat more than normal, work in the sun or humid areas, which in that case it would be best to consult your GP or dietitian so they can suggest the correct intake you're your personal needs.

Finally, remember total water intake includes both those coming from beverages and foods that contain water including fruits and vegetables.


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