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Fuel Your Fitness

Pre & Post-Weights Nutrition for Optimal Results
Healthy Salad Meal
Healthy Salad Meal

By Alex Allegrini at Leichhardt

Just like a car needs gasoline to run, your body needs proper fuel to power your workouts and optimise results. What you scoff at before and after hitting the gym can make a world of difference to your performance, recovery, and overall fitness goals.

Pre-Weights Session Power:
Aim to throw down a balanced snack with some carbs and protein about 30-60 minutes before you get stuck into your workout. This will keep your tank topped up and stop your blood sugar from doing a runner. Here's some simple pre-workout feed:

Banana with nut butter: A classic combo that's easy on the guts and provides both sustained energy from the banana and protein from the nut butter to keep your muscles happy.

Greek yoghurt with berries: Full of protein from the yoghurt, with a bit of sweetness and carbs from the berries. Makes an easy brekkie or a quick arvo snack.

Brekkie oats: Packed with complex carbs for that slow and steady energy release throughout your workout. Chuck in some protein powder, low-calorie, Maple Syrup or a handful of nuts for an extra kick.

Whole-wheat toast with smashed avo: Whole-wheat keeps you going strong, while the avo gives you some healthy fats to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Post-Weights Session Replenishment:
Within 30-60 minutes after training, it's all about refuelling your glycogen stores and repairing those tired muscles. Here's what your post-workout feed should be chock-full of:

Protein: Generally we aim for 20-30 grams to help rebuild and repair muscle. Think grilled chicken, fish, eggs, or a protein smoothie – whatever takes your fancy.

Carbs: Top up your glycogen stores with some easily digestible carbs like fruits, sweet potato, or brown rice.
Hydration: Don't forget to rehydrate! Chuck down some water to replace the fluids you lost through sweat (about 1L/hour of exercise))

Try out different options and see how your body feels. There's no hard and fast rule, so experiment and find what works best for you.

By giving your body the right fuel before and after your workouts, you'll be well on your way to smashing your goals, recovering faster, and feeling like a champion!

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