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Tasty Protein Shake Recipes

In this Vision PT article, we share our favourite five protein shakes for when you're on the go and looking for something sweet - Part 2.
Health & Nutrition Articles
Health & Nutrition Articles

By Adam Lewinski at Hunter Street (Sydney CBD)

Ice Breakfast Shake

250ml A2 milk skim
30g Vision whey protein powder chocolate
125g Banana edible portion only
1 Handful of ice

CHO: 40g
PRO: 33g
FAT: 2.5g

Cinnamon Roll Shake

250ml Water
30g Vision whey protein powder vanilla
5g tsp cinnamon
5g vanilla extract
1 Handful of ice

CHO: 3.0g 
PRO: 23.5g 
FAT:  2.1g

Strawberry Nut Shake

250ml Water
30g Vision whey protein powder vanilla
100g Chobani Greek Yoghurt Strawberry
100g Strawberries
15g Macadamia nuts

CHO: 20.2g 
PRO: 33.5g 
FAT: 13.7g

Bad Girl Shake

250ml A2 skim milk
30g Vision whey protein powder chocolate
30g Coles Simply Less Dark Chocolate Peppermint
1 Handful of ice

CHO:  18.3g 
PRO:  32.2g
FAT:  8.8g

Chocolate Coffee 

250ml A2  skim milk
30g Vision whey protein powder chocolate
20g Instant coffee
1 Handful of ice

CHO:  3.0g 
PRO:  23.5g 
FAT:  2.1g 

The consumption of protein (either through natural sources or supplementation) is a common strategy used by everyday fitness enthusiasts and sports athletes in and around their training sessions to facilitate muscle repair and remodelling. This strategy is employed to enhance post-exercise hypertrophy, strength-based adaptations and tissue repair (Schoenfeld, Aragon and Krieger, 2013). 

Protein (and to a greater extent amino acids) is a critical nutrient which is required for optimal protein synthesis, however, debate still exists whether the ingestion of protein either immediately after exercise or throughout a given day as part of an individual's daily macronutrient goal provides the best effect to improve strength, hypertrophy and repair in the human body (Schoenfeld, Aragon and Krieger, 2013).

Regardless, protein shakes using natural ingredients or off-the-shelf supplementation provide a time-effective and simple way of consuming quality protein and supporting amino acids as part of a healthy life-style. Further, protein shakes are often used to support the improvement in body composition, increase lean muscle-mass, facilitate performance enhancement (Applegate, 1999) and help stimulate metabolic response to increase overall daily energy expenditure.

During recovery from exercise, muscle amino acid transportation and protein degradation and synthesis are accelerated, therefore, it is important to support the development of musculoskeletal adaption and repair as effectively as possible (Biolo, Tipton, Klein and Wolfe, 1997). Check out the above protein shakes to give you the best chance of achieving your performance or healthy lifestyle goals.

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