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Creating Positive Habits

No Resolution? No Problem: Do Something today that your future self will thank you for.

By Conor Davison, Personal Trainer at Randwick

Positive Habits
Let’s create a positive habit, instead of a meaningless resolution you know you are not going to keep. If you are already starting 2021 feeling burnt-out – you should keep your new habits manageable. Meaning, don’t change everything all at once Instead, we should start “trying to achieve one change” that can then be turned into a habit. That is when the change is powerful – because once something is a habit you are likely to do it every day. When picking a habit to implement it’s better to focus on one thing at a time and make it specific.

Tip: Tie a habit into an established routine that won’t change – such as getting your training done in the morning (new habit) before you head to work. Don’t set up a habit based on something that may change – such as exercising in the middle of the day while on holidays, then when you go back to the work, you may not be able to keep up that change. Best keep it small and tie the habit into something that will not change, like getting up in the morning or after work.

First Things First: Sleep. New healthy habits are connected to each other. So, cutting back on drinking alcohol leads to better sleep and better sleep leads to more energy and more energy leads to better food and exercise choices, and so on. Why not follow through on something to turn this all around; create a healthy habit, be serious about making your 2021 lifestyle work for you. Let’s Start 2021 off the right way.

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