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Boost your slow Metabolism today!

In this Vision PT article we show you how you can boost you slow metabolism to help you achieve long-term, lifestyle and lasting changes.
Health & Nutrition Articles
Health & Nutrition Articles

By Jack Smith at Southport

Tired of trying to get into better shape but being hindered by a sluggish metabolism?  Then take action on these quick, easy tips today to get your metabolism firing, energy levels rising and fat burning!

1.Lift Weights consistently

Weight Training is key to maintenance and growth of muscle tissue, which controls up to 60% of your daily energy expenditure.  By consistently weight training, not only will you burn more energy through regular exercise but you can maintain and even grow the amount of muscle tissue you have, therefore increasing your metabolism.

2. Eat regular, portion controlled meals

Eating 5-6 regular meals throughout the day is just as effective on your metabolism as exercise! Think of it this way...if you were having a small camp fire and you were to dump a big log on to the fire, it tends to die down initially before slowly starting to take off again. Whereas if you were to consistently put small twigs on the fire, it will burn at a more consistent rate throughout the night. Our metabolism works in a similar way. Dump 1 or 2 big meals in our body and not only are you likely to feel lethargic once you have eaten those meals but your metabolism is also going to be burning at a slower rate throughout the day!

3. Regulate sleep patterns.

It's been found that irregular sleep can wreak havoc on hormone balance and therefore body regulation.  These irregularities therefore affect energy, mood, and then output.

4. Get into a huff and puff every day.

The Australian government recommends between 4-7 hours of cardiovascular exercise on a weekly basis with up to 2.5hrs of this as "Hard".  This enhances energy output, heart health and general metabolic processes by encouraging a progression of fitness through periodically performing "hard" cardio.

5. Incorporate caffeine into the diet.

Research varies but suggest up to 3-5 shots of coffee per day is beneficial for stimulation of metabolism.  This increases thermogenesis (stimulating use of fat as a fuel source) and stimulates the metabolism. 


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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