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A Fine Drop

We know how important water consumption is to live a healthy life. Let Vision Personal Training show you how important this elixir of life is to us.
Health & Nutrition Articles
Health & Nutrition Articles

By Julie Graham at Engadine

I'm guessing your first thought was……ooooh, an article on wine, or something similar!  You couldn't be further from the truth.  However, just as wine is very unique to its grower and grapes, this fine drop is unique in its own way.

What are we talking about?

Water (H2O) of course, the most important nutrient required for optimal functioning of the human body.  As humans, we can go without food if need to but will not survive without oxygen or water.  The human body is composed of approximately 70% water and the regular consumption of water is essential for most functions of the body, the most important function being the prevention of dehydration.

Adequate water consumption assists the breakdown of foods done by the digestive system due to the stomach acid and enzymes needing the balance with water.  An absence of water can lead to heartburn and constipation.

Another interesting fact is water consumption helps transport nutrients and oxygen to cells, and assists the removal of toxins via the circulatory system.

Have you ever felt your joints 'clunk' or 'creak' on days where your intake of water was low?  This is due to the lining of cartilage between the joints using water as a cushion between the bones so joints can move more freely.  Hence, no or low water decreases the protection joints have.

One of the most important roles water has in the body is the movement of many essential elements through the lymphatic and circulatory systems that create the enzymatic and chemical reactions.  Why is this important?  Water creates an environment of low viscosity, which assists the proteins and enzymes to function more efficiently.

Some of the benefits of adequate water consumption includes an increased level of energy thus assisting you to think, focus and concentrate better; is a natural headache remedy as dehydration can cause headaches; its cheap and calorie-free and; it promotes weight loss as it removes the by-products of fat and assists in raising your metabolism.

One more interesting fact that may sway you to drink more…….

In a day your lungs expel between 2-4 cups of water through normal breathing; if you make up to half a dozen trips to the bathroom, that equates to approximately another 6 cups of water; if you perspire, you expel approximately another 2 cups of water plus, there is further water loss through any exercise-induced perspiration!!!!

In essence, water consumption is crucial to a healthy lifestyle.  Your intake of water doesn't need to be consumed in one sitting it can be divided throughout the day.  As an example, consume 2 cups of water as soon as you get out of bed; drink another cup before every meal, then 2 cups before going to bed.  But, don't forget to drink every time you exercise as well.

Utilise the tools available to you.  Create the motivation and good habit of drinking water by watching the glass fill with every mL of water you track on Vision Virtual Training (VVT) using the daily Water Intake Calculator.  And, if you are bored with the taste, add lemon or lime wedges, strawberries or sliced cucumber to change the taste.


By Julie Graham

Personal Trainer

Vision Personal Training Engadine

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