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5 Tips to Help Navigate Through Lockdown

1. PLAN YOUR FOOD. Spend some time tonight (Friday) planning your food for the weekend!
Health & Nutrition Articles
Health & Nutrition Articles

By Kyle Johnston at Ivanhoe

1. PLAN YOUR FOOD 🍓🍒🥑🥦🥝🥩🍗

Spend some time tonight (Friday) planning your food for the weekend! Remember if you do want to have a dish higher in calories, input that into your diary first and plan the rest of your day around it. The main thing is that you don't consume excessive calories over the course of the day! (include alcohol if you plan to have a few drinks 😀)

2. Limit Alcohol 🍻

To either one night or to the number of drinks you are happy to have. Having a soda water in between drinks is a good way to help reduce alcohol intake. When having a few drinks, try to combine with a high protein meal, rather than a high Carb meal

3. Increase Water

Aim for minimum 2L team!

4. Exercise! 👊💪🏃♀️

Be sure to add some movement into your day! Lee's Saturday morning class is a cracker! I have also posted a 6 week plan on this page. It's up to you what you do, but aim for 30mins minimum

5. Hobbies

What's a new skill you could learn in lockdown to fill in time when you're feeling bored? 🤔

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