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4 Ways Alcohol is Impacting Your Progress

In this Vision Personal Training article we share four ways alcohol could be impacting your health and fitness progress. Click here to read more.
Health & Nutrition Articles
Health & Nutrition Articles

By Liam Lomax at Drummoyne

Alcohol is a big part of the Australian culture and way of life - You'll be hard-pressed to go to a BBQ, birthday party or casual Sunday lunch where alcohol doesn't get the invite too.

While it is important to enjoy life's guilty pleasures, just how often should you be indulging? And exactly what is going to happen to your progress if alcohol crashes the party too often?


1.   Alcohol contains almost twice the calories as Protein and Carbohydrates

Low carb alcohol seems to be an increasingly popular trend in recent advertisement campaigns, but is it really the carbs in alcohol that we need to be concerned about? Alcohol itself is energy, and per gram it contains 7 calories compared to carbs and protein which only contain 4. So, it doesn't matter if it's lower carb wine, beer or cider - it's the alcohol content that is going to affect the energy content in a beverage.


2.   How many extra calories are you consuming?

Your average standard drink, no matter the beverage, contains approximately 10 mL of alcohol, which means 1 drinks equals 70 calories, and that's before you include things like grapes and fruits that you come across in wines and ciders, and then you have your fancy coconut, pineapple, shaken not stirred, cocktails that you've been making yourself ever since that waiter on the cruise made them special just for you. After considering these additives, just 1 drink can be the equivalent of eating 2 or more slices of bread. Imagine eating an extra loaf of bread each week and then stepping on the scales!


 3.   Alcohol delays fat burning

Alcohol is a toxin, which means the body is going to try to burn it first, and while alcohol is burning, carbs and fats are not. Whenever you put another drink in the tank, you've added another 30-45 minutes of exercise before anything can happen to your fat stores. Remember that next time you're trying to decide whether the Corona special at LiqourLand is worth saving the trip out to Dan Murphy's - either way it'll be costly for your results.


4.   Alcohol inhibits testosterone

You might be thinking, 'why do I need to be worried about testosterone affecting my results?' Well here's why. The big T is one of the major hormones responsible for maintaining and building muscle, which contributes to over half of the body's total metabolism meaning it will help you accelerate your fat loss. Also, having higher levels of testosterone in the blood will directly stop the formation of new fat cells!

So, next time it's wine time, or your best mate offers you a cold one, think of your results, and feel free to crack it open… if you're prepared to work it off!


For strategies you can use to reduce your alcohol intake, see "Alcohol hacks" on the Vision Drummoyne website.


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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