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3 Top Tips to Simplify Nutrition

So often we can be confused by the sheer amount of information regarding our nutrition and what's best for us, here's where we can help.

By Jack Smith, Franchise Owner at Southport

So often we can be confused by the sheer amount of information regarding our nutrition and what's best for us. With so much conflicting opinions and the latest Netflix documentary or social media influencer post, we often don't know what to believe and the more complicated it gets, the deeper down the rabbit hole we go.

Let's take a look at our 3 top tips to simplify your nutrition and help you get amazing results.

  1. Focus on the Big Picture. Often we see information or advertising on a particular supplement or type of food that is a "super food" and think if we add that to our diet, then all will be ok. Without regarding your overall diet and lifestyle, adding or subtracting just one food most likely will cause very minor changes. Taking a step back and analysing your weekly nutrition and overall quality of your food, then looking to make small improvements every single day until your diet is rich in a variety of vitamins, mineral and quality nutrition. Making wholesome improvements to your food will be the biggest factor in improving the results you get from nutrition, rather than just adding or subtracting one factor.
  2. Understand what your body requires and reacts to. Every single person is different, therefore every person will benefit from slightly different nutrition. When looking at portions and energy intake, it's vital to understand that each person has different goals, lean body mass and activity levels and therefore will need different volumes of food to keep them in ideal shape. Simply eating the same as your partner copying a meal plan out of a magazine most likely will not bring you ideal results. You may have specific allergies and intolerances also, meaning some foods shouldn't be included in your diet.
  3. Drink more water! Our body is made up of up to 80% water! Every single day we sweat, heat and excrete water through urine, so it's vital to constantly be keeping our body hydrated to stay healthy. Our brain, kidneys, muscles and bones all thrive when hydrated to keep us healthy. The rule of thumb is to consume 2-3L of water per day, with an extra litre per hour of exercise done.

As a Personal Trainer, we can help you take these 3 top tips and improve your health dramatically, then fine tune from there to find ideal health. But without the basics covered first, it's like building a house on sand foundations!

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