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3 Quick Tips to Fix Migraines & Neck Pain

Do you suffer from migraines and neck pain from sitting at a computer or driving all day?

By Jack Smith, Owner at Bundall

Finding as you age your posture continues to decline? Follow these three quick tips to help you!

  1. Spiky ball and stretch: Applying a massage or spiky ball to tense and tight upper neck muscles will act to release and relieve tension from the upper back. When the upper back and chest is tight, it alters our posture and pulls the head forward. The Skull can weigh between 10-15kg and every degree forward out of alignment puts major pressure on the spine and upper back muscles to compensate. Open the chest up through stretching allows the thoracic area to open up and "stand taller". A tight pec major will pull the shoulders forward and effectively create the "hunch back".
  2. Get stronger through pull and row exercises. Weaknesses and tightness can always be assisted by gaining overall strength and mobility through resistance training. Improving the muscle strength and tone in the upper back will pull the shoulder blades back and improve posture. Working the whole upper body will negate any imbalance as all areas become proportionate. The more durable the body through regular training, the less risk of these weakness or instability related pains.
  3. Adjust your work station. Bring your computer or desk higher to avoid the forward and down lean, that is so common in many workspaces. Incorporating a standing desk can help to relieve tension on the hips and hamstrings, by having us in a standing rather that seated position all day.

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