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Vyshak Padmakumar

11kgs lost!
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Client from Wollongong | Trainer: Kevin Tran

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What changed most was a boost of self-confidence after losing weight and getting in shape. The way I perceive things changed a lot after improving my confidence. I always wanted to reduce my weight, but I lacked motivation and stopped doing what I’m supposed to do to lose weight halfway through. Developing a healthy food habit didn’t work out for me until I joined Vision PT. PT sessions at Vision helped me to discover the things that I should practice achieving my target. The training was intense sometimes, but I enjoyed it. I could find out how much I can push myself. Vision PT helped to develop a healthy diet plan. They don’t insist you eat specific foods but will give some numbers regarding quantity of Carbohydrate, Protein and Fat that you should consume a day. I will strongly suggest Vision PT if I find someone who is keen to have a healthy body and a healthy food habit.

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