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Veronica Warton

25kgs Lost and Maintained
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Client from Rose Bay

Veronica Warton (after)

Veronica has lost 25kgs within her first year at Vision and has managed to maintain that weight loss over the following 6 months. Before starting, Veronica's exercise experience consisted of a very slow 20-minute walk 2-3 times a week. However, after improving her fitness, Veronica has built up her daily walks to every morning for at least an hour. After understanding the amount of food she should be eating Veronica has ensured she follows a meal plan that best fits her and her family's lifestyle.

After achieving her results Veronica encouraged her whole family to get on board with her husband and son now training at Vision. Family dinners and lunches are now much healthier options and cutting down alcohol as a family has been a much easier task. Keeping up her exercise Veronica has joined a group session, something she never thought possible. Adapting and changing exercise habits has been a big step for Veronica, however the biggest change has been in the managing of her alcohol. Veronica has been very invested in the educational process continuously working on her nutrition and alcohol to ensure both herself and her family can maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

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