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Vanessa Thomson

Lost 12kg Of Fat Whilst Maintaining Muscle Mass
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Client from Rose Bay

Vanessa Thomson (after)

After many setbacks from injury's resulting in surgery through years of over training, Vanessa decided to join Vision Rose Bay for something completely different.

What she needed, was someone to coach her through a nutrition plan and a rehab programme after undergoing a hamstring reconstruction.

While Vanessa was nervous starting back, her energy and enthusiasm made it all the easier to get her started on her journey to success. Vanessa and her trainer clicked immediately, ensuring patience, care, support and understanding through her journey.

Vanessa goes to show that it's what you put in is what you get out! Juggling full time work and being a superstar mum of 4, Vanessa not only commits to her PT sessions, but attends group classes, tracks her food, frequently meal prepping and has weekly progress check ins.

At the end of her first 9 weeks with us, Vanessa smashed her end of year goal and lost 6kg of FAT!!!!! While maintaining her muscle 100%.

Feeling fantastic and looking amazing, Vanessa decided to challenge herself further with another goal losing 6kg which through the same system of tracking nutrition, attending PT and Group Training and utilising our online tools she did just that.

Vanessa has to date lost a total of 12kg of Body Fat and is now looking to increase her muscle mass slightly to maintain her new leaner figure.

We are so proud of you Vanessa! For results like Vanessa come and see us.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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