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Tracey Oliver

Vision has changed my life!
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Client from Bundall

Before Tracey Oliver (before)
After Tracey Oliver (after)

I decided to start with Vision Personal Training Bundall and do a fitness programme as I was overweight and just felt unhealthy. I needed to get some control back into my life. 

I chose Vision because I had been to them a couple of years before and got fantastic results, 30kg loss in 12 months. I needed Visions support, encouragement and accountability for my exercise and eating plan. I like how they offer one on one with a Trainer and to know that I could join in the goups sessions as well. 

My journey so far has been slow, but I love the encouragement and support not only from the team at Vision but also the other Visionaries. It's fun and I can have a laugh even though its hard work. 

Vision has changed my life as I'm more confident and pain free. For me, this is a lifestyle change. I've tried to do it on my own but I need the accountability. I will be with Vision forever as I have made some really good friends. Once my goal weight is achieved, I will be looking for other fitness challenges within Vision. 

I would thoroughly recommned Vision to anyone as everyone has different needs/expectations and Vision will help you reach your goals. I've found all the Trainers to be highly experienced and professional in everything they do. 


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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