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Kim Stubbs

Achieving goals and having balance

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Success Story Page Header

Client from Bundall | Trainer: Aydan Carlini

Bundall_Bree Lavin

Kim is the epitome of Healthy Lifestyle! She has worked very closely with trainer Aydan to not only achieve her goals but to do so with the idea of balance in mind!

Kim came to Vision with some very strong goals and wanted to keep her strong motivation to achieve them! She had an upcoming cycling tour and wanted to make sure she was in the best position to complete this!

Through tracking and hitting her macros 5-7 days a week and adding cycling at least 5 days along with her Personal Training Sessions Kim was able to do just that as well as continue to enjoy the occasional celebration with loved ones.

Now she is over 10kg and 3 visceral points down, Kim has the goal to continue her healthy lifestyle into the future so she can remain strong and fit for cycling while enjoying the balance of life!

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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