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Tracey Choice

Training & achieving my goals are a big part of my life now!
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Client from Engadine | Trainer: Julie Graham

Before Tracey-Before
After Tracey-After

I started my journey with Vision PT in the lead up to May 2017 after returning from a trip in Darwin. I started my trip weighing in at 71kg - my heaviest, three weeks later 67kg. With my newfound motivation and change of a healthy balanced lifestyle, I sought the assistance of Vision PT after hearing positive feedback of them.

I started at Vision PT Sylvania with Kate Hanrahan. After my first session I quickly realised that this was more than just a gym, it was a home with like-minded normal, real people who unite and support each other to succeed in their goals.

I hit my goal of 58kg and then I set my new goal of 62kg of pure muscle.

Life then changed, which bought me to Vision PT Engadine in 2020. I worked hard with my training in the Studio and managed to achieve all my goals that we set.

Nowadays, I do my training a little differently, through zoom, as I moved to a small country town in Central Queensland before the QLD boarder closed during Covid 19.

Although I do have the flexibility to attend the Studio when I come home, these sessions are mainly to focus on tweaking perfection in all aspects of my training and gym equipment. I always time my trips to incorporate a challenge event, from Blackmores, Sun Run - Dee Why to Manly and my latest Sutherland to Surf. Next challenge set, Half Marathon

Training and achieving my goals are a big part of my life now. I have learnt to be self-disciplined and accountable with the help and support of my Vision family but most of all thank you to Julie Graham for being my mentor/trainer/motivator and friend.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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