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Sue Reid

18kgs Lost
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Client from Wollongong

Sue Reid (after)

I was fed up with being overweight, feeling unhealthy, getting slower and wondering what life was all about. I was a gym attendee for years and had let it slide, then returned but found it difficult to motivate myself to get there with minimal results. I was struggling to get fitter and healthier. I was menopausal and suffering from constant hot flushes which made me feel ill when training even though I was eating mostly healthy food with help from a course I completed about high protein and low carb consumption.

I had started back at the gym and found a training buddy to motivate me but she left and I then started to slide. I was trying to eat healthier but always that sweet tooth was my undoing. I even went to a dietician to help sort out my eating habits which helped. Still I would slide back into old eating patterns and then the physical activity would also diminish. I was getting older and fatter and could not understand why nothing seemed to work for me as it had in the past.
Vision changed the way I train and the food intake to maximise results. I remember my trainer saying "Wow, you have lost weight this week" and me replying "Let's wait and see as this is what happens, the yoyo up and down alternating weeks." When I lost weight each week then I started to get excited that this might actually work. When my trainer suggested I should jog I thought she was crazy as I was 57 and never jogged. Eventually I started jogging and it was hard at first, but the weight fell off and I looked forward to running with the group each week. 

Firstly, the shift in training with much heavier weights burned off the weight and made me stronger than I had ever been. Being accountable to my trainer, whom I trusted and wanted to please, resulted in learning how to run and enjoy it.

Secondly, it was not like attending my usual gym. It was personalised and made you feel listened to and supported. And finally, the support from trainers and fellow members to help you along the journey to be your very best. This is a huge part of why it was successful for me. I have made new friends and lost 18 kgs and maintained a healthy and fitter body for the past nine years thanks to Vision.

The trainers are there to support and motivate you no matter where you are starting from. You are not alone on this journey to enjoy life more as you get fitter and healthier, it is a team effort between you and your trainer. Enjoy life more and get started on being a better version of you by giving it a go and see for yourself. You will be amazed at the difference it makes to you!


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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