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Steven Carter

Has a crack!
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Success Story Page Header

Client from Rose Bay

Steven Carter (after)

Steve is a tradie and backs his training up after a 10 hour shift 4 times a week. We rarely see what Steve has done, in just 6 months he has lost 6kg of body fat and kept it off without relapse.

With a result this quick we asked Steve how he has maintained these results with such ease - 'This is just my new lifestyle, I track my food, prepare my meals, understand how many calories I need to burn with any excess alcohol and stay consistent to the process and what you have taught me'

His efforts to preparing meals for work (as easy as a sandwich or 2 rather than an Oporto's) also his 100% effort in PT and Group Training sessions have earnt him some incredible body composition changes.

Thank you for taking on-board our suggestions and congratulations on making it a lifestyle.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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