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Spiros Apergis

I now have more energy and can play and keep up with my kids without having to rest.
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Client from Engadine | Trainer: Luke Allen

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My name is Spiros.

My son’s school had a fate and there was a Vision Engadine stand there. My son saw the prize wheel and asked me if he could spin it, I said yes, and he did. The wheel landed on a prize for a free Bioscan, so I left my name and phone number so I could claim it.

A week later I was called by Jules about coming into the studio to use my Bioscan prize and I went to the studio. I did the Bioscan and the scan revealed that I had an “over range” Visceral Fat level. My family has a history of heart problems and diabetes and that I wanted to do something now to get ahead of developing these issues later down the track.

I was working too many hours, ate large portions of fast food in between jobs, having midnight snacks and not exercising enough. I couldn’t keep up with my kids, jumping on the trampoline or chasing them around would tire me out and then I would need to rest. I couldn’t even walk 2km without stopping for a rest. I knew I needed to do something, but I didn’t know where to begin.

When I was asked what I wanted out of joining, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, or what was possible to start me on my journey. I want to be there for my kids and their kids in the future and so I joined.

The staff at Vision Engadine were very welcoming and I started with 2 PT sessions a week with Luke and walking at least 20 minutes a day. I also do a group session of MAX for cardio.

So far, I have lost 10kg since starting my journey about a year ago and I am now doing more than 10000 steps per day, 5 days a week by walking between 40min to an hour without stopping. I now have more energy and can play and keep up with my kids without having to rest, I am eating better meals and I have reduced my portion sizes, it was so easy to make the small changes that made this possible. I have since developed an interest in strength training and have also picked up an extra weights program!

I realised that I didn’t join Vision to lose weight or to get “abs”, I joined because I wanted better health, more energy and to learn how to fit exercise and good nutrition into my existing lifestyle, the weight loss is a welcome side-effect.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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