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Shelley Hudson

"I'm proud for following through and getting it done"
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Success Story Page Header

Client from Rose Bay | Trainer: Drew Malton

Before Shelley-Before
After Shelley-After

Shelley achieved her 20kg of weight loss on our Vision Lifestyle Program with 3 weight sessions a week with the dedication and coaching of our Senior Trainer, Drew.

"I had avoided photos for years because I hated my look!" "The early alarms were tough but once I started seeing progress I knew I could do it - I'm proud for following through and getting it done - It's now at a point where I want to get out and exercise and I've never felt like that."

"I’m ready to keep going and pushing. I enjoy the new challenges and excitement to maintain it - my daughter is tall and slim and I want to keep up with her as she grows up and can be proud of me."

My message to people "You just have to start. What they offer here in terms of community and familiarity is so important. Everyone knows my journey and I feel that. You just have to get in the door. Once you're here it works!"

Consistency over time = long term results.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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