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Sean Gallagher

20kg weight loss
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Client from North Sydney

Before Sean Gallagher (before)
After Sean Gallagher (after)

It is almost 12 months since I have joined Vision and seeing these photos really surprised me at how far I have come.

Being closer to 60 than I was to 50, I had not been happy with my health and appearance for a while but I wasn't motivated to change things.   My wife had been coming to Vision for a while.  Although I did not tell her at the time, I was impressed by her commitment and results, so last year I thought that I would give it a go.

My trainer Manny helped me understand the need to match exercise with my eating, then I just followed the plan and the results followed.   I dropped 20 kilos and am now working on getting into better shape.  Manny's encouragement, support and occasionally pressure kept me engaged and keen to keep improving. 

I am feeling much healthier and self-confident.   I now get to complain about other people's snoring and can keep up with my sons on the court or the slopes.  It's also nice to think that I will not have to go shop at Big and Tall anytime soon. 

Coming to Vision is not a chore, I enjoy doing group training where I have met some great people and we've had a lot of laughs.

Thanks to all at Vision, I look forward to keeping fit with you.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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