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Samuel Sentongo

Lost 20kg, 29cm from waist & Ran a Half Maratho
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Client from Darlinghurst

Samuel Sentongo (after)

I wanted to take control of my lifestyle and body, but I knew just going to the gym wouldn't cut it. I was at 100kg and lumbering everywhere I go. A whole lifestyle change and accountability is needed. I had tried different gyms before and yo-yo diets and I knew a more permanent solution is needed. I asked around and a friend used Vision before and it worked for her. If you're serious about losing weight consider it as an investment in yourself as the returns will pay off in the future.  I had a modest goal of just 10 kg and just looking good for a wedding I wanted to attend the next year.

Since I started my life has changed immensely, I have had a complete revamp of the wardrobe (Size 34 jeans, medium shirts) and a new suit as well. I now enjoy getting involved in exercises without shying away (hiking, running). Change of mindset from can I do this, maybe I can do this to I shall do this. A better understanding of effects of foods and alcohol on your nutrition and exercise. My life has definitely changed for the better it's not about the compliments you receive but more showing people by your actions that if you can drop 22 kgs, push yourself to look and feel different then a lot of other things are possible in other aspects of your life. The state of mind changes.

The biggest challenge was my diet, it took me a very long time to start meal-prepping. I was always skipping out on that. I used to drink a lot over the weekend and felt uninspired on Monday coming into the gym. I never took some group classes seriously and would come in late or wouldn't put much effort towards the training.

The Vision Trainers really helped me so much, you have to trust the process and listen to what they tell you, it took me a while to actually listen, I had my pre-conceived notions about weight loss and what I'm capable of. The food diary is a good help as well as it gives you an idea of how much to consume and things to avoid. Do at least one shopping tour to give you an idea of foods to look out for and what you should avoid. 

I would recommend Vision Personal Training to anyone, my advice is to trust the process, results won't come immediately but you just have to push on through and trust what the Trainers tell you, they know what they're doing and have seen the results before. There will be days when you don't want to come to the Studio, my suggestion is to talk to your Trainer when you're struggling they're here for you.  

Make no mistake you're at war with your mind and body, it will tempt you at every corner and make you want to give up but trust the process and celebrate the little wins and enjoy the ride.  If you're like me you have over 20 years of bad habits to undo, it will take time but it will be well worth it.

I am happy to be no longer Sam on a weight loss plan but just regular Sam who eats well, meal preps and loves to exercise.


*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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