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Ross Davidson

People started to notice and would comment on how good I was looking!
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Client from Engadine

Before Ross Davidson (before)
After Ross Davidson (after)

The reason I decided to join the Vision Team was just by chance. I had been thinking about doing something for a long time. I thought my diet was pretty good but I had just stopped exercising and had grown a belly that I just couldn't shift like I was able to when I was younger. I walked out of work one day and looked across the road and saw the Vision sign and said to myself, "that's it". I walked straight over and met Nathan. He went through it all and I thought it sounded good, so signed up.

It's the best thing I could have done.  When I joined Vision I felt like I was one of the family straight away. I went on a shopping tour and learnt about the best foods to eat and implemented them into my diet. I started to eat foods at the right time of day. I also started my exercise routine, which was totally different to what I expected, i.e. doing weights instead of excess cardio. Over a few weeks the weight started to drop off. It was like I had turned on a machine inside of me. People started to notice and would comment on how good I was looking and that only added to the motivation.

Once I had myself in a routine of getting my food prepared, it was easy! Also, tracking my food on the Vision app was good because I could record my food down and see what foods had too much or little carbs, fat or protein and changing them for something else.

Over the last 3-4 months I've lost 6kg. It was at a point where I was losing weight every week and it felt fantastic! Now I'm at my goal weight and my focus has changed to building muscle to change my body shape.

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