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Richard Brooks

Feeling fitter and healthier than I have for years
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Client from Engadine

Before Richard Brooks (before)
After Richard Brooks (after)

Being active was never a real problem for me until about five years ago when a periodic pain in my groin became progressively worse and I was eventually diagnosed with a deteriorating hip.  By the time I had hip resurfacing surgery in 2018 even a walk to the corner was extremely painful and this meant an almost total lack of activity, which resulted in me really putting on the kilos.

 Unfortunately, I am not blessed with the "skinny gene" and have been prone to putting on weight during my life.  I had tried a number of different diets and food plans but these attempts were usually not in conjunction with a proper exercise program and any weight lost was short-lived returning soon after with interest.

A couple of people I know had been to Vision and after a conversation with an ex-school mate I was convinced that this could be the answer to getting me off the couch and moving especially as now I was at the heaviest, I had even been in my life.

Vision for me has been excellent.  The support from everyone at the Studio, especially my Trainer Trent, has kept me motivated and (almost) on track.  Whilst I haven't yet reached my ultimate target, I am well on the way and feeling fitter and healthier than I have for years.



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