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Paul Smith

Full Marathon
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Client from Kogarah

Paul Smith (after)

I joined Vision about 3 years ago through a recommendation from a friend. My main reason for joining was that I wanted to get fit and enjoy my running. From the moment I had my first chat with Matthew I knew vision was not like the other gyms, it felt like a community. I signed up straight away.

I thought I was training therefore, I could pretty much eat anything I wanted, how wrong was I. Working with my Trainer Dimi I now have a better understanding of nutrition and how it affects your training but also how it can hinder your results.

During my time at Vision I have completed 3 half marathons, recently a full marathon, the bloody long walk, spartan and Tough Mudder and numerous small community runs.

A huge thank you to Dimi for all the support and encouragement, pushing me past my limit and listening to me complain daily.


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