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Nicole Onesti

I lost 14kg and have kept it off!!
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Client from Engadine

Before Nicole Onesti (before)
After Nicole Onesti (after)

I joined Vision Personal Training - Engadine in July, after seeing a photo of myself in my son's birthday photos and was embarrassed that my weight had got so out of control.

After having my daughter, I broke my ankle, after two surgeries and 25 weeks in a boot I felt so heavy and lost about how to lose the weight now that I was unable to just stop eating and run which is what I had always done to get rid of any excess weight. I had an ankle that was always hurting and was breastfeeding.

My girlfriend Lauren had great results with Vision so after many failed attempts I actually walked into the studio. My trainer Josh Richards and the whole team at Vision really are something special and everyone at the gym truly gives the place a real sense of community. With Josh's guidance and support I lost 14kg and have kept it off.

At the very start I made sure I knew my macros, planned my food for the week and was super organised. I logged in all my meals, ate what was on the plan Josh gave me and also kept track of all my cardio & weights sessions. At first, I thought this would be daunting but in actuality it was a tremendous help. Now I know what I need to eat to fuel my body. My approach is very balanced without feeling deprived. Josh helped me to understand my previous patterns and how to move forward in a healthy way.

Vision not only assists you with the physical factors of weight gain and loss but also the psychological. Josh and the whole team are so generous with their knowledge and time. I honestly enjoy going to the studio to train and their group training really is fun. I genuinely feel that they are as invested in me reaching my goals as I am.

*Disclaimer: Individual results vary based on agreed goals. Click here for details.

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